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It happens far too often: A manufacturer does not take appropriate steps to assure a product is safe before placing it on the market. Worse still are the manufacturers who know a product is defective, but choose to risk the lives and safety of other people who buy or use the product.

If you or a loved one has suffered a permanent, catastrophic injury because of a defective product, please contact Snyder & Wenner, P.C. in Phoenix, Arizona. For more than 25 years, we have focused our law firm’s practice on complex cases involving serious injury and wrongful death.

Examples of products that have caused catastrophic injuries include:

  • Dangerous drugs: Pharmaceutical manufacturers sometimes rush drugs to market and ignore bad results.
  • Defective propane heater: When a heater or other appliance explodes, it can cause serious injuries to anyone nearby.
  • Defective helicopter: We represented the family in a case where a defective helicopter hoist sliced off a cable and caused the death of an Air Force officer.
  • Industrial equipment: An unsafe saw, a construction site elevator, defective scaffolding, or a badly designed conveyor system can cause catastrophic injuries.
  • Tire defects: When a defective tire blows out, the resulting accident can kill or maim passengers and drivers of that vehicle and others around it. Was the defect caused by poor design? The manufacturer should be held accountable. Did the tire distributor, retailer, wholesaler, or reseller knowingly sell a defective tire? That entity would also be responsible.
  • Auto defects: Did a seat belt failure cause a catastrophic injury? Was the car crashworthy? There are many types of auto defects—errors that were made in the design, manufacturing, or maintenance of an automobile. Examples include the Toyota accelerator pedal defect, defective seat belt design, defective tire and tread design, high rollover probability (SUV rollover), deficient roof strength and crush resistance, defective door latches, airbag failure, and brake failure.

What Our Clients are Saying

  • "I've personally dealt with three of the attorneys at Snyder & Wenner and would wholeheartedly recommend them. Not only are they extremely knowledgable about their subject matter, they care very much for their clients and work very hard on every case. The lawyers are experts in their field, but also have the passion—and compassion—each client deserves."

    -Emilie Williams

  • "Brian Snyder represented my daughter and I for injuries we sustained in a car accident. I am very happy with the representation and the outcome. Brian took care of all of the issues that arose and always stayed in constant contact with us. I would be happy to recommend Snyder & Wenner to all of my family and friends."

    -Devi O.

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