Trucking Accidents Cause Arizona Highways to Be among Most Deadly in Country

Most Arizona residents love our state for its open, airy feel and the scenic beauty. Unfortunately, we have also grown accustomed to the numerous deadly trucking accidents and commercial vehicle accidents that plague our roads each day. In fact, a new article in The Arizona Republic declares that from 2013–2015, a fatal freeway accident occurred in the Valley about every 5 days, leaving 207 people dead.

This terrifying data proves what many of us have known for years: Arizona’s freeways are deadlier than most other states’ roadways. The margin of difference is not insignificant, either. According to the 2013 Federal Highway Administration and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data, deaths on Arizona freeways and interstates occurred at a rate 61% higher than the national average.

Did you know that some trucking companies are involved in significantly more trucking accidents each year than others?

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These catastrophic collisions do not discriminate based on time, day, or even the freeway. The article notes that, “Over the past three years, drivers and their passengers died on Valley freeways at every time of day, on every day of the week, and on every major freeway.” The data also provides that the majority of fatal crashes occurred in May, June, and July, months when most families take vacations by driving to their destinations. 52% of the fatal collisions occurred on a weekend, between 4am and 11pm.

Obviously the earlier hours can be explained by lack of sleep the night before, but crashes later in the day may be attributed to truck drivers who have logged significant driving time without a break or commercial vehicle drivers who have not rested throughout the day. Also unsurprisingly, of the 196 fatal collisions, approximately 56% occurred on I-10 and I-17.

Can anything be done to reverse this trend? Unfortunately, the contributing factors vary so significantly that it is difficult to pinpoint one way to fix the safety problem. Approaching the issue from all angles, however, can help. Not texting and driving is an obvious, but often ignored, critical step. Finding new ways to ensure that truck drivers perform requisite safety inspections on their semi-trucks and that they log a satisfactory amount of sleep will help cut down on trucking accidents.

Companies setting fewer appointments each day, in order to minimize the rush of commercial vehicle drivers will also help reduce the number of deaths. There is no single answer to the problem, but we must do something to reverse the growing number of deaths due to trucking accidents and other commercial vehicle collisions each year.

Trucking Accidents Cause Arizona Highways to Be among Most Deadly in Country
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